Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Possible in 2009?

So far, it's mostly talk and little action.  But there are promising signs of life for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), a package of legislative proposals that strikes a balance between legalization for undocumented immigrants and increased border security.
Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D- Nev.) says immigration reform is one of his top three priorities, and wants a bill this year.
Chuck Schumer (D-NY), new chair of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee, promised to send a bill to the Senate in the fall.  Meanwhile, a closed-door immigration meeting at the White House is scheduled for June.

As for President Obama, an aid says he plans to begin addressing immigration reform this year, including a legalization option for undocumented immigrants.
Do these rumblings mean that comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) has a chance this year?  No one knows.  Much depends on the economy and the President’s other domestic priorities, such as health care reform.  Keep an eye on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:  When she starts talking positively about CIR, we might be getting closer.